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Edit in row with empty cell

Charlotte Apr 08, 2013 08:47PM PKT


I downloaded the free version of PHP Grid to explore the possibilities. I am adding one by one customized columns and it seems to work fine. Until I add a column that contains some empty cells. Edits in rows that contain an empty cell aren't saved while edits in rows with no empty cell are still being saved correctly. Either changes of the empty cell to a value are saved.

I can't figure out why an empty value makes it impossible to make changes to the whole row. In this specific case it is essential that the specific column can also contain empty cells. I appreciate your help!


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Abu Ghufran Apr 09, 2013 01:18AM PKT PHP Grid - Support Center Engineer

Checkout this FAQ for debugging, and let me know the ajax response if not solved.

Few considerations before use

1) include the jqgrid_dist.php file before any thing rendered to output.
2) Check the ajax response of grid,

Use firefox->firebug->net->ajax-call of grid->response. You will see the output there, in case of any error. It should be proper JSON format data in order to render grid

Review this tutorial for '[debugging with firebug](https://phpgrid.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/926266)'.

To enable debugging errors,

1) Turn errors on. Goto jqgrid_dist.php make it 'on'

ini_set("display_errors","on"); // changed from off to on
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Charlotte Apr 09, 2013 05:01PM PKT

Thanks for your quick answer! I debugged the program as you suggested and the response tab of Firebug gave me the following output:

Couldn't execute query. Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'Budget'…

After seeing this error message I added the following property to the column Budget:

$col["isnull"] = true;

This didn't change the error message in Firebug. Then, I added the folling property to the column Budget:

$col["formatter"] = "number";

Now al NULL values in the column are automatically set to 0 and changes in the relevant rows are possible. But the NULL values should not be set to 0, this gives a wrong interpretation!

How can I solve my problem?

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Abu Ghufran Apr 09, 2013 10:03PM PKT PHP Grid - Support Center Engineer
Hello Charlotte,

This issue is fixed in latest build, which is available as paid version. Unfortunately, the free version is little outdated, and need a build. If you wish to buy in near future, i can send you package now and then you can pay when you have completed the testing.


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