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  • Master Detail Grid

    Welcome. Do not tell me how to update detailed in the grid in the Master Detail Grid pass its parameter. For ...

    0 Community Answers May 02, 2015 11:21PM PKT
  • Add save button to actions panel

    Hi there, since finding that calculated fields cannot be stored in db I am looking at other methods to insert ...

    0 Community Answers May 01, 2015 08:09PM PKT
  • Problema with grid-subgrid on change value

    Good morning . I have a master grid with a combo field , I need you on the value of the combo some data or ot...

    0 Community Answers Apr 30, 2015 05:24PM PKT
  • Dynamic calculation -

    Hi All, I'm building a stock management application and I would like to do some dynamic calculation. I h...

    0 Community Answers Apr 29, 2015 11:43PM PKT
  • Embed the TinyCME

    Dear sir/madam, I purchased the developer version, is it possible to have the TinyCME embed with phpGrid? ...

    1 Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Apr 29, 2015 09:53PM PKT
  • Problem with form when add second register

    When inserting through form, the second time I insert the form data out of the first time you insert, ideally ...

    1 Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Apr 29, 2015 08:00PM PKT
  • Dynamically Showing/Hiding Columns

    Greetings, I'm trying to figure out how to show and hide a column dynamically. By using: $('#list1').set...

    1 Engineer Answer 1 Community Answer Apr 29, 2015 06:21AM PKT
  • demo

    Hi, I just did a first install however, the demo table is stuck on 'loading' I imagine this is a db issue?

    1 Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Apr 29, 2015 05:23AM PKT
  • Filter a column from a HAVING sql

    Hello! First at all, sorry by my poor english. I want to show a list of customers and the last column of t...

    1 Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Apr 28, 2015 11:11PM PKT
  • Year and Month only

    Dear Mr Abu, Is in phpgrid support for only the month and year appear only choice? My column is year and m...

    1 Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Apr 28, 2015 05:59AM PKT

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